Why Shockin'?

So, why should you use us for your  shocker and suspension repairs and revalving?  Here are a few reasons that come to mind.


  • Because I care about the results you get from my work

  • Because I will put the time in to find out what you need for the way you race

  • Because every job is personal to me. Not just another shocker to throw together before 5 o'clock

  • Because I rely on your word of mouth, and not a huge advertising budget

  • Because I enyoy what I do for my customers

  • Because I have over 20 years of experience in shocker reair and servicing



Abit more about me...


I have 40 years of experience in automotive engineering with the final 25 years running my own race and motorsport development business until I retired a few years ago.  Now I have a little time on my hands I have found myself drawn back into the suspension industry, that was part of my business for twenty years alongside the race engines.  Its something that I can do from my home workshop, in which I have all the kit I need, including a shock dynamometer.  Over the years I have worked with many racers that are at the top of their particular formulae, helping them to draw out the best from their machinery.


I find much of my best work is done on the phone or face to face with the customer.  The more I know about your application, and what you are wantin to acheive, the better I can help you.  Many people are truthful with me and say “ Chris , I haven’t a “Scooby-doo” about my shockers” which is fine, after all if everyone knew everything it would be a funny old world.


Anyway I digress :-)  I am more than happy to explain and help my customers to try and understand their suspension a little better, how things work, and what to adjust when.  Now, I’m no genius or magician, but the years of experience does give me a good insight into solving or taming all sorts of handling and performance issues ive encoutered with customers race cars over the years.