Shocker Repairs

Shock absorbers are often treated as consumable items.  They take a lot of stick, and are often the thing that get the most damage when things go wrong.   However, it is really very suprising what we can bring back from the dead!


More often than not, if the main body isnt damaged, the shocker can be repaired to its former standard.  Even if the internals are smashed, the rod is missing or bent double, rod eyes abliterated, chances are we can repair it cheaper than replacing the unit with a new one.

This set of Fox shocks were a total wright off - or so the owner of them thought!


A couple of days later, they are working like new again, all new internals and components, and even resprayed and restickered to their original condition.


With time and care, its suprising what we can repair!


Off road, oval, autograss are particularly hard on shock absorbers, but with access to all the internals for the vast majority of shock absorbers on the market, we can keep them running year after year!