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Whether you have bent a rod, kinked a tube, or you only have the rod end remaining or you are looking to have your shocks valved for a specific race application, I can help.  With many years of experience in repairing and revalving shocks for oval and off road motorsport, and with personal links with the major shocker manufacturers, Shockin' can get you back on the track, and handling better than ever.

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About Us


With 30 odd years worth of experience in race car preparation, from road, rally, oval and offroad, suspension setup has always been a continuous field of interest.  After all, the old Pirelli slogan states, Power is nothing without control.


Revalving racing suspension is sometimes considered a black art, but by working with you to understand your racing application, its possible to tune your existing suspension by revalving the internals so that you get the performance that you need.


Our experience in many forms of motorsport means that we are the perfect partners for you and your racing suspension.


Our Services


​- Complete rebuild service

- Shock dyno testing

- Suspension consultation

- Revalving and tuning

- Protech retail agents

- Quick turn around


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